A Personal Journey Transcending Into Purpose.

Alicia's Journey With
Choose To L;VE

Alicia is the founder of Choose to L;VE. Born from a personal journey, the company is a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

You can read her story in the anthology The Hands They Were Dealt. 

There are rare individuals who transform personal adversity into a powerful force for change; Alicia Nolan is such a person. Leading Choose to L;VE, LLC, she advocates for mental health and suicide prevention, inspired by her own journey. With a strong educational foundation and certifications in Master Resiliency Training, Mental Health First Aid, and Question Persuade Refer Gatekeeper, Alicia champions change, supported by the “It Starts With Me” Award.

Choose to L;VE, LLC, symbolized by the semicolon, raises awareness through products supporting the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership. This initiative reflects Alicia’s commitment to societal impact stemming from the loss of her wife. Her mission is to advocate for mental health reform and inspire resilience. 

Choose to L;VE is not just a brand—it’s a commitment to breaking the stigma around mental health.

Alicia’s mission goes beyond awareness; it’s about dismantling the barriers that surround mental health and fostering a community of support.

Check out the interview she did with BCC Evolution (S8E1) and find out more about her story.

Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention

At Choose to L;VE, we believe in making a tangible impact. That’s why we commit to donating 10% of our profits to Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (PPSPP) in Colorado.

Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention is a dedicated organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, united in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region.

Their mission revolves around education, intervention, and postvention, offering vital resources, youth programs, and online training.

By supporting PPSPP, we contribute directly to initiatives that save lives and build a community focused on mental health. Together, we’re fostering hope and creating a pathway towards a brighter future.

Every Purchase Makes A Difference.

Empowering Suicide Prevention Awareness Through Thoughtful Apparel.


If you have any media inquiries, investment inquiries, or would like to book Choose to L;VE for your event to showcase their products, please email: info@choosetolive.org.

If you would like Alicia on your podcast or interview on another platform, please email her directly at owner@choosetolive.org.

As seen in the San Francisco Post: How Alicia Nolan Turned Personal Devastation into Compassionate Purpose and From Grief to Purpose: Finding Hope After Losing My Wife to Suicide